Serie TV

Serie TV 0.5.3

Build your own TV series database


  • Automatically fills in database
  • Includes all seasons and episodes
  • Integrated with iCal
  • Links to torrents


  • Database almost crashes when you search
  • Torrent links only in Italian

Very good

Serie TV (formerly known as TV Series) is an easy-to-use program that allows you to build up an iCal-compatible database of the TV shows that you follow.

It allows you to enter all seasons and all episodes of your favorite shoes. It addition, it supports additions you make to iCal so you can be alerted to upcoming shows via iCal or even email. TV Series enables you to create reminders in your iCal calendar and send a reminder by mail.

Serie TV makes filling in your database fast because of an Autocomplete feature which searches online for the TV Series you enter. So for example, type in "The Wire" and Serie TV will search online for the correct catalog and load all seasons into the database. However, the application almost crashed when I searched and although the search results were correct, it takes Serie TV a while to load the database.

Serie TV is a nice idea but both the interface and functionality need some work before its the finished product.

Serie TV


Serie TV 0.5.3

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